2007/7/26, mi Chen <chenmi33@msn.com>:
Hello all! I just ordered the Verdex boards and officially became a hamster of Gumstix!
5. Where can I find some good video camera modules to mount on robots? Should I use the CCD connector on Verdex board, or should I just use the USB interface (or ethernet interface is fine as well)? Low power is appreciated and MPEG4 encoding is highly appreciated, since it is going to be on a robot. Budget is ~150$, but I'm planning to get 2 if possible.

I have gotten a cheap Belkin USB dongle working quite well with the zd1211rw driver included in the kernel.

You may also want to check out http://www.pabr.org (Pascal occasionally posts here as well) for some insight on mounting a camera and working with the gumstix board.

Christopher Gilbert
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