Or use a FIFO.  Those are easy to use in linux.

On 9/21/05, Jérôme Multrier <jerome.multrier@gmail.com > wrote:
I don't know about bluetooth serial ports on linux gumstix, but I already cat a bluetooth GPS :
what about opening bluetooth serial port with rfcomm and doing something like "cat /dev/ttySX > /dev/tty/rfcomm0" ?

2005/9/21, Zachary Crockett < z.crockett@usa.net>:
I have skimmed the whole (huge) manual entry for socat, and carefully
read some parts of it.  However, it's still a bloody mystery.  Could
someone who understands socat better please tell me ASAP (big time
crunch here) exactly what to type on the gumstix command line to get
the following result -- I will love you forever.

I will have the serial output of an analog to digital converter (from
sensors on a dancer) going in one of the UARTs on a breakout-gs
board.  (I have not decided which one; if it matters, someone please
let me know.)  The breakout is connected to a gumstix basix 200f-bt.
I want socat to take this serial input and unidirectionally (-u flag)
redirect it out the bluetooth port to be grabbed by my laptop.

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

PS - of course, if socat is not the fastest, simplest way to
accomplish this, say so...  looks to me like it probably is though.

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