If you have a free serial interface you can use the serial to 1-Wire interfaces to talk to the DS2438.  That would be simpler as there is already C source for talking to a 1-Wire bus in Linux.  You would need to talk to the MCU either via serial or I2C.  Why not take that out of the loop?

On 7/27/05, Doug Sutherland <doug@proficio.ca> wrote:
My plan for mobile power is lithium polymer (light but good energy density)
charging with LM3622 and monitoring with DS2438:


The DS2438 is 1-wire microlan bus, I will be using a microcontroller for
that communication. There are many, many battery monitor ICs with various
communications methods.

  -- Doug

> simple way (chip) to follow the battery charge ? I won't really like the
> system poweroff sporadically without a pretty "battery low".

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