i've built one (though its much more than an mp3 player) using cf, but am currently building several more with mmc.

here's my project (it'll have source code/documentation soon):


basically, you just need a motherboard and audiostix2.  i wrote it in python.  you can use pymad and pyao for audio.
in the buildroot, make sure you include libmad, libao, and python.

getting the mp3 player going isn't difficult.  i can send you python modules for pymad (mpeg decoding) and pyao (audio libraries) that i've compiled for the ARM chip.  just post here again with more specific questions and i'll be sure to help.  


On Oct 11, 2006, at 4:48 PM, Patrick Reid wrote:

Hi Guys,

I am very very new to Linux and very very new to Gumstix. Hence I am quite ignorant. I have looked at the threads about this topic but wondered if anyone had seen or knows of any project pages that have documented the process of building a simple MP3 player (+/- CF MMC storage) step by step? I am slowly learning but these types of things help me learn a little faster. Thanks Pharmboy.

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