I’ve got the subject display and the digikey connector for its flex cable, and I’m about ready to connect it all and see if I can generate some graphics. I’m planning to connect to a Verdex via Breakout-vx, and I’m mostly following the schematic on the wiki from Holly Gates / E-INK. I’ve got a few questions about this connection plan though…


a)  ZIF Header pin 18 is attached to GPIO 81 (PXA-255), as a standby signal. This GPIO is one of the NSSP (or SSP, in the case of PXA-270) signals, and I need that port available for other needs. However, looking at the LCD-specific signals, several (L_DD00, L_DD01, L_DD05, etc) are not part of the connection and they are able to be GPIOs. Any reason that would preclude me from using one of these for this signal? (That is… would it cause problems for the LCD controller if I configure one of these outputs as a GPIO since I don’t need it for my display?)


b) ZIF Header pin 21… what is this used for? Do I need this signal coming into the processor at all?



This is my first attempt at attaching a display to the Gumstix, so I’m a bit apprehensive.





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