Have you looked for DHCP server software for Windows? I haven’t, but I’d be surprised if nothing is available. Once the Netstix is running and you can ssh into it, you can assign it a static IP and remove the DHCP server.


With or without DHCP, you’re going to need a Linux host platform to build for your Netstix. If you don’t have a box to dedicate for it, you can use Vmware, coLinux, or other virtualization systems running under Windows, with Linux running within them. If you have your Windows network port bridged to the virtual Linux, your Linux system can serve DHCP.


My advice: get a serial connection regardless. It’s inexpensive and it’s a lifesaver.


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I received a Netstix 400CF and learned that the Netstix is shipped to default to DHCP.

I have no router, and am using Windows XP.

Is there any option for connecting with Ethernet other than a router w/DHCP?


I posted yesterday but neglected to state which OS I'm using.

I am prepared to purchase a serial expansion board if necesary, but I would like to begin using the Netstix now if possible.


Thanks for reading.




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