I am trying to get the gstreamer-ti to build for an Overo gumstix.

I have managed to get DSPBIOS, XDC, DSPLINK, and gstreamer to build.  However, at the end of teh build process, while making the image, the system reports that ti-sdma-module is not found.  

In looking in the ti-dmai recipe, it declares ti-sdma-module as an RDEPENDS_ti-dmai-apps_omap3.  This module is NOT listed for RDEPENDS_ti-dmai-apps[dm355 or dm6446].

I looked in the git history and found a comment about deleting the recipe for ti-sdma-module_2.24.01.bb

I found a reference to this in ti-linuxutils.inc, where the case statement for ${SOC_FAMILY} uses omap3 as the descrimator to include sdma.  However, I am not sure of where the declaration of SOC_FAMILY is done; the machine type is 'overo'.

Any help is appreciated.  Geting gstreamer-ti is apparently not for the faint-of-heart!  Hopefully, once I get this accomplished I can publish the changes I needed o make to accomplish this!