On Sep 22, 2006, at 5:47 AM, Mark Craig Jr. (mlcraig) wrote:

Hey Craig, Dave,
I saw a reference that you guys may create a GPRS / EDGE module within the next year.  Sounds cool.  Are you guys planning on making one?

Yes, we have a first-pass schematic which is being reviewed by Siemens now for their comments; we're hoping to have an internal prototype to play with soon.  The biggest hurdle to releasing a product for actual sale will be acceptance of the device by network operators, which I have heard might be both expensive and time-consuming (gotta love monopolies).  I'm hoping to have a device which I can stick my phone's SIM card into and play with before the end of the year; device for sale will likely not be this year; it could be next year, but it'll depend on how quickly we can get a carrier to approve using it on their network...