Steve (or anyone else who may know),

I saw in a post somewhere that you used an unused GPIO for the card detect line for the mmc bus for the wireless module. Can you help me do the same? I have assigned an unused GPIO to the gpio_cd field inside the board_overo.c file:

static struct omap2_hsmmc_info mmc[] = {
                .mmc            = 1,
                .wires          = 4,
                .gpio_cd        = -EINVAL,
                .gpio_wp        = -EINVAL,
                .mmc            = 2,
                .wires          = 4,
//              .gpio_cd        = -EINVAL,
                .gpio_cd        = 163,
                .gpio_wp        = -EINVAL,
                .transceiver    = true,
                .ocr_mask       = 0x00100000,   /* 3.3V */
        {}      /* Terminator */

but I keep getting the following error on start-up:

mmci-omap-hs: probe of mmci-omap-hs.1 failed with error -16                                          


- Do I need to do something special with the pinmux for that pin?

- Can I use a GPIO that is not exposed via pin mux on any pin? That way, I can just toggle the value in the cpu registers.