Hi Dave, So there are only 2 UARTS, and only one its not used? I though there was 3 UARTS (2 free). Thanks.
Dave Hylands wrote:
HI Ricardo, 2009/11/25 Ricardo Martinez Monje : > Hello, > > Could I use the IR_UART port on the 40-pin header as a standard UART? Or > that pins are used as the console port trough the FTDI ic? I presume that you're talking about the overo? Looking at the schematics on the summit, the IR_TXD3 and IR_RXD3 signals go to the FTDI (see page 4 of the schematics). The TXD1 and RXD1 signals on the 40-pin connector should be fine. -- Dave Hylands Shuswap, BC, Canada http://www.DaveHylands.com/

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