Hi folks,

I'm running Ubuntu (Maverick) on an Overo Earth+Summit. I've been trying, without success, to build a kernel module for a USB wifi adapter (Edimax EW-7811Un) I'd like to use.

Is anyone using EW-7811Un (or another RTL8192-based adapter) on their Overo? I'd love to hear how you got it to work! In lieu of that...

I created the kernel and root file system using rootstock, which automates the process. However, it doesn't seem to include the kernel source, config, or build output (admittedly, most embedded users probably don't want these things).

What this means is I can't build kernel modules, like the wifi driver I need.

I've found ways to get the kernel source or headers installed (certain rootstock options, and even downloading them pre-packaged from some embedded development sites), but it seems I need to actually generate a kernel config (yikes), and build the kernel before I can build modules.

How have other users built kernel modules for their Overo systems? In particular:

* How did you build your kernel and root FS? Did you use a cross-compiler? Bitbake seems limited to recipes that won't let me do things like build a root FS that includes kernel source, headers, etc.

* Is there an easier way for me to do what I'm trying to do? Someone off-thread suggested an NDIS wrapper, but that seems wasteful when there's a perfectly good Linux driver I just need to compile.

* Is there some way I can load a comprehensive Ubuntu (or other modern Linux distrib) onto Overo, short of building it from scratch? I'd like an environment I can build kernel modules in, without having to build the kernel.

I tried to compile the kernel, but got mired in the (hundreds of?) config questions. I didn't have confidence of what to answer for some obscurer options.