I am working with a connex 400xm board, and audiostix2. I had compiled the buildroot(linux 2.6.20 kernel) with pxa framebufer, following all instructions given in wiki, and gave bootargs in uboot as:
console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=1f01 rootfstype=jffs2 reboot=cold,hard video=pxafb:mode:240x160-16,active,hsynclen:7,right:16,left:5,upper:19,lower:19,vsynclen:2,hsync:1,vsync:1,pixclockpol:0,pixclock:216363

I am getting the /dev/fb0 entry correctly, and when i saw  the waveforms of L_CLK(line clock) and F_CLK(frame clock) on my oscilloscope(i am doin this with pinouts /holes from audiostix), i am getting waveforms of 166KHz and 66Hz respectively. But P_CLK(pixel clock) does not seem to give any waveform. Since i have configures fro active mode(in bootargs), i expect the P_CLK to give o/p always? Or am i missing something? ( N.B: i have also tried with passive mode setting, but no luck on the P_CLK i/p)
Please help.

Thanks in advance..