if I understand, simultaneous use of mmc and cf can 't be done with connex board only because GPIO 6 or 69 is not available on any hirose connector ?

On 3/23/06, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
It's not possible to do this with an off-board MMC card, because as
you've noticed, the MMCCLK signal can only come out of GPIO lines 6,
69, or 53 -- and only #53 is brought out on the gumstix 92-pin
connector.  And GPIO 53 is the only place where nPCE[2] is available
for CF.


On Mar 22, 2006, at 2:51 PM, Bas van Tiel wrote:

> We are busy creating a dedicated pcb board with Compact Flash (for a
> wifi card) and MMC working simultaneously. From what we saw from the
> reference designs is that there is some overlap in the GPIO pins. What
> we would like
> to do is to leave the pins for the compact flash unharmed and use
> three other GPIO pins available on the 92-pins hirose for the MMC:
>  1) GPIO(18) configured as output for MM_cs0 (chip select)
>  2) GPIO(80) configured as input for Sd_cd (card detect)
>  3) GPIO(36) configured as input for MM_wp (write protect)
> The MM_clk will come from the GPIO(53) and is also used for the CF
> card. From what I
> see on page 108 of the intel Xscale is that GPIO(53) has two output
> functionnames: nPCE[2] and MMCCLK. So I don't know if this could be a
> showstopper to have CF and MMC working simultaneously. Anyone has an
> opinion about this?

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