Hello !
Looking at ts7200, I think it doesn't feet the same needs.
When I look at gumstix, I see a 80*20mm board - little more with daughter board (compared to approx. 96*115mm) - that is made to be integrated in powerfull various little systems, while PC/104 is for industrial systems (like rs485)

gumstix for modelism, PC/104 for assembly line robots ;-D

On 3/15/06, Patrick McFarland <diablod3@gmail.com > wrote:
On Wednesday 15 March 2006 09:28, Gordon Kruberg wrote:
> Patrick McFarland wrote:
> > It seems that the only board missing from the expansion board family is a
> > board that supports CF, and also has two ethernet jacks. Will there ever
> > be such a thing?
> good question, although internally we feel there are **several** more
> boards to do :)
> simple answer is -- i think so, but look for a netDUO with mmc first
> (and pretty soon)
> gordon

Only reason I was looking at CF in the first place was because I have a free
CF card or two. Also, slightly related question... can the 60 pin connector
be used for anything? Or better yet, will there be a Gumstix board that just
has two 92 pin connectors (one on each side)?

A lot of people seem to want to do weird stuff with their Gumstix, such as LAN
router+AP deals, which would require a wifi card (either as CF or whatever,
or as a 92 pin board (could 60 pin boards be used here?)), two ethernet
jacks, and optional USB host ability to run file and print sharing.

I just think gumstix needs these kinds of things to compete more. For

A TS-7200 from Technologic Systems
( http://www.embeddedarm.com/epc/ts7200-spec-h.html ) is around $165 for the
model with 32 meg ram/16 meg flash. The board has an ethernet jack, and a CF
reader, and a 200MHz ARM9, and 2 USB host port, and a bunch of other
(arguably) useless stuff. It also has a PC/104 expansion slot...

... a Connex 200xm + netCF is $179, comes with twice as much ram, but lacks
USB host ports, and has that 60 pin expansion slot. You can see which one
people would spring for.

I like the idea of Gumstix because the design keeps hardware that I'm not
going to use to a minimum. I understand such a design may increase cost
instead of decreasing it.

However, I'd also like to build complex systems that use multiple 92 pin
expansion boards. Why can't there be a 92 bin board that just provides
multiple 92 pin plugs that connect to extension boards via ribbon cable?

I think that would solve a lot of people's problems, and allow people to do
interesting things that would otherwise require custom and/or costly

I mean, Gumstix could build a prototype (or even shipping) hand held gaming
system. Take a connex 400xm-bt, take a few 92 pin expansion boards that add
a) something to interface with game media, b) wifi, c) video hardware with
onboard 3D accelerator and stuff to connect to LCD/OLED/whatever panel, d)
input from buttons, d) sound output.

I kind of see Gumstix as sort of electronic LEGO bricks, in a way. Little
pieces that by themselves cant do much, but together can do a lot.


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