Hello !
your program runs in your putty session, so it kills when your putty disconnects.
You should try start-stop-daemon to make your program run in background
The best way is to create a s* file in /etc/init.d (minus s to not run your start script at boot)

On 2/26/06, Steve Bullock <steve.e.bullock@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm logging GPS using a serial logging c program that I start in a
putty window over bluetooth.  It outputs to the putty console and logs
to a file.  I'd like to take this out of range of my bluetooth
connection, then reconnect and download the log.

When it's in range, the logger will log indefinitely (>20min), but
when I disconnect bluetooth, the log ends within a couple of minutes.
If I reactivate my connection the gumstix will reconnect - if I do a
ps then my logger shows as still running, but the log file isn't
getting any bigger.

Any idea how I can get my log to persist without the bluetooth
connection?  I expect there's a better way to code this, but I'm not
that hot on the programming side...


Steve Bullock
* steve.e.bullock@gmail.com
* 07977 216406

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