Nobody knows ..? Or my question is too weird !? :D

2005/8/5, Jérôme Multrier <>:
Hello !
I would like to reduce gumstix consumption to its minimum.
I found some benchmark values that refers to 100,200,400 MHz cpu and 50,100MHz bus, but did not found any relevant information on how t do it.

Makefile only defines GUMSTIX_400MHz to true or false
this value is used in u-boot ... gumstix.h to set a 0x161 ...

What is the best way to set frequencies in the root_fs ?

Does the 400MHz gumstix consumes less at 200MHz than a native 200Mhz ?
What is the minimum ?
Does theses modifications can make other stuff wrong ? (serial ports, bluetooth, usb)

Thanks for your help !