Some more stupid questions about memory (tell me if I should ask for it elsewhere, perhaps should it be in a FAQ) :
- Is flash localised inside the CPU ?
- What is the max memory size (flash) the CPU can handle ? is 16Mo already the end ? (and the max that can be put on the gumstix)
- What can we do if we want more memory (with MMC or CF) AND ethernet (for exemple)
- Is there a good official way to add rights on the MMC ? (ext2, ext3, jffs2 should be good ..?)

2005/7/28, Richard T. Stofer <>:

The most recent build I have made (R527) has root_fs_arm as 2950428 bytes

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I agree--trouble is I can't get the xm for a while in the connex 400 Mhz-bt.


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