It looks too easy ....
Thanks a lot for your reply !
I think I'll begin with that type of stuff (without bluetooth first).

Just another question : do you know a simple way (chip) to follow the battery charge ? I won't really like the system poweroff sporadically without a pretty "battery low".

2005/7/27, Doug Sutherland <>:
You can easily attach GPS to gumstix right now. They only need a UART
connection, so can be done with breakout-gs, with a 2-wire connection
to GPS. Check out lassen IQ and the compact embedded antenna:

It's easy to solder wires onto the connector that plugs into the GPS
receiver, and to the breakout-gs. The connector is meant to board
connection, but I have soldered similar connector for the laipac GPS
shown on the same page. All the GPS needs is 3.3v power and ground,
and a 2-wire connection (rx/tx) to the gumstix. Everything could run
off one or two cells of lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries.

For a bluetooth display, you can connect a bluetooth module right
onto an LCD:

  -- Doug

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