Hello !
Gumstix makes me want to do crazy things :
I'm a inline-skating beginner, and found that it was hard to know speed and others.
So I'm storming my brain to find a good way to build (during my evenings) a GPS system easily wearable.
(things are already on the market, but it seems too limited to me)
So, before I buy things, I would like to know if you expect to add new stuff soon (1~2 months), or if you have some ideas !

Points I worry about are :
GPS integration (chip SiRFstarIII, or bluetooth GPS...)
power (light, a chip to control it ..? )
data output : what about a small
bluetooth deported screen <$-}

I'm dreaming of gumstix+GPS+screen with velcro around my wrist :)
Little biger than Forerunner (by Garmin), but how much powerfull/modular !

Thanks in advance for your insane ideas !!!