We have the same problem ...
An idea would be to try with putty (we didn't yet)

2005/7/23, Rick <rick@llamatrails.com>:

        Just received my gumstix, and have figured out how to get the usb and
wifi networking up and running.  Thanks to all that have documented this
stuff in the mailing list.

        Now the current problem of the day:  ssh into the gumstix works fine
from my linux box.  It doesn't when I try from windoze using SSH Secure
Shell version 3.2.9(build 283).

From the /var/log/messages file:
dropbear[487]: Child connection from 192,168,1,14:2011
dropbear[487]: password auth succeeded for 'rick' from
dropbear[487]: exit after auth (rick): bad buf_getbyte

        Any ideas ?  BTW, the gumstix is running 2.6.10gum #2 Fri Mar 4
15:10:17 PST 2005 armv5tel unknown

                        Thanks in advance,

             Rick Calder  http://www.LlamaTrails.com

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