Thanks for your help ! I'll try it next day.

2005/7/13, Keith Sullivan <>:

We re-formatted our MMC card to ext2.  In addition to editing the
/etc/fstab , you need to recompile the kernel with ext2 filesystem
support.  Here are some instruction from the FlockBots project page:

Since the filesystem on the MMC card has changed, you must now compile
ext2 support into the kernel. Goto
gumstix-buildroot/build_arm/linux-2.6.11gum and type make ARCH=arm
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux- menuconfig (add DEPMOD=true on Mac OS X) to
configure the kernel to support ext2. To configure the kernel:
Select File systems
Make Second extended fs support be builtin to the kernel
Exit menuconfig

Also, you should recompile the e2fsck program.  Again, from the
FlockBots project:

The new filesystem on the MMC can become corrupted if the proper
shutdown sequence is not followed. To fix any filesystem corruption we
cross compiled e2fsck from the e2fsprogs package with the following
configure options:

  setenv CFLAGS "-D__ARM__ -D__uclinux__"
  setenv TEMPHOST arm-linux
  setenv CC ${TEMPHOST}-gcc
  setenv AR ${TEMPHOST}-ar
  setenv RANLIB ${TEMPHOST}-ranlib

  setenv BUILD_GCC ${CC}

  e2fsprogs-1.37/configure --host=${TEMPHOST} --build=yourlocalmachine-OS
The complete package does not build, however the e2fsck binary compiles
correctly, and is located under e2fsprogs-1.37/build/e2fsck. Copy the
e2fsck binary to the Gumstix under /usr/local/bin for use as an

Hope that helps,

On Jul 13, 2005, at 10:55 AM, Jérôme Multrier wrote:

> Hello, I always have my problem with MMC cards that seems to reboot
> the system ..
>  So I just wanted to try something like ext2/3, but I'm not able to
> mount it.
>  I supposed that I just had to modify /etc/ftab (and format MMC card
> of course), but it didn't seemed to work.
>  Is there a good way to do this ?
> --
> Jerome

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