Hi !

Yes, we are using a National Semiconductor LM4546A, and it works fine ... at 48000Hz !
the kernel sees it as unknown because it's not defined by default in oss sources, but it knows it's an ac97 codec chip, with minimal features.
But because our goal is not to use more than 16bit, I just can't help you for this problem.

Good luck !


2005/5/31, paul <postings@paubo.de>:

is it true that the gumstix/PXA255 does not support audio data
with more than 16-bit?

The PXA255 developers manual states on sheet 453 (ACUNIT)
that the AC97 controller does not support the optional 18- and
20-bit AC97 features.
Does this mean the audiostix UCB1400 can do no more than
16-bit audio?

Looking into connecting a CS4272 codec to the gumstix via
I2S and I2C, from the PXA255 developers manual sheet 489
(I2SC) it looks to me that the I2S controller supports only
16-bit data too.

Are there any experiences with connecting a codec other
than the UCB1400 to the gumstix?

Thanks for any comments,

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