Bobby, thanks for your efforts as well.  Steve Sakoman at Gumstix
has requested my changes as well which update kernel modules to use
new standard drivers (like smsc911x and OLPC released libertas
driver WiFi support) rather than the older gumstix specific ones
(eg. smc911 and gumstix version of marvell cf8385 support).  
Additional changes for bluez4 and latest Angstrom distribution
(similar to those in the Overo-OE based omap3-console/palmtop images)
are included in my recipe additions, changes and patches.

I am working on getting my code cleaned up and submitted to Steve
within the next day or so.  I think he can coordinate things
from there.


From: Bobby Powers <>
Sent: Mon, October 26, 2009 12:40:13 PM
Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] verdex svn staleness

I did a little work 2 weeks ago on my own getting 2.6.32 running on
the Verdex Pro, before I found this thread.  My few patches are here:

I can give anyone that wants it push access to that repository (or
really for that matter the administrative password), and I'd be quite
interested in getting robostix working (any pointers are of course
appreciated - I'm new at this kernel stuff).  If there is a patch set
outside of git I could also help get that up in a repository, so that
we can try to get this stuff merged into the kernel eventually.


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