Hi everyone

My company is interested in buying 40-50 basix-200 COMs. We have a product which uses them, but we don't want to fork out $15,000 for all 120 of the minimum order that GUMSTIX has specified.

Is it possible that there is anyone out there who has similar needs to ours? Or does anyone know of a company in this situation?

I would also be very grateful if any company/organisation that was purchasing a bulk order of basix-200 could over order on our behalf, and we could compensate them for their trouble.

I think its a long shot. But the time and effort required to re-engineer our designs is proving prohibitive. It could probably be done, but the pressure would be off, and we could do the re-engineering properly over the next couple of years instead of getting into a frenzy just so the replacement verdex-pro is ready to meet current demands.

thank you very kindly in advance for any leads.

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