Hi Dave,

setreg is a modified function from pxaregs
I am not using an interupt handler so this is why it is not working.  However as I interperated the Developer manual it implied interrupts were an option. Section:



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HI Grahame,

> I am setting up GPIO66 as an edge detect. However when I press the button it clears the GFER2_66 flag and does not set the GEDR2_66
> This is how I am setting it up?
> // Set Standby Switch detector pin
> setreg("GAFR2L_66", (u32)0); // Set GPIO66 to GPIO
> setreg("GPDR2_66", (u32)0); // Set GPIO66 direction register as input
> setreg("GFER2_66", (u32)1); // Set GPIO66 falling edge detect

What does the setreg function do?

Are you doing this from within a kernel driver? The rising/falling
edge detection is only valid if you have an interrupt handler

Have you looked at this driver that I wrote:

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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