Hi all-

Sorry for a total newbie question here, but I've been googling for a while trying to find a basic "hello world" tutorial for the Gumstix Overo, but haven't had much luck. 

I've seen a "hello world" tutorial mentioned a few times, but that seems to be a 404 now.

I have a Gumstix Overo Air with a Summit expansion board. I've successfully booted it up, and connected to the console over USB. My development platform is Ubuntu 9.04 running in VirtualBox under Snow Leopard. I've completed all the steps at http://www.gumstix.net/Setup-and-Programming/view/Overo-Setup-and-Programming/Setting-up-a-build-environment/111.html

My basic question is: Now what?

I'd like to compile a basic Hello World program, transfer it over to the Overo, and run it. But I'm really unclear on what the steps are to do this, or how to find the documentation that explains this.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can point me in the right direction.