On Mar 30, 2007, at 1:29 PM, Marc Nicholas wrote:

I think the Gumstix guys were worried that announcing the Verdex on their support mailing list might encourage people to buy them ;)

I think our PR folks wanted to scratch Linux Devices' back or something and announce it there.  We were planning on mailing the list today I think, but looks like someone saw the thing first.  I was pushing out the website changes late late late last night (or was it this morning?) and I forgot to send email the list then.

So anyway everyone:

We've launched the verdex (PXA270 gumstix), and you can buy them now.  We have a couple verdex-customized 60-pin daughtercards coming soon to provide easy USB Host connectivity; for now you can use the verdex with existing 60pin boards to get un-powered USB host (ie it won't power bus-powered devices) or you can for most of the existing 60-pin daughtercards make a simple hardware mod (if you have a soldering iron) to connect the gumstix V_BATT power to the usb power line, and improvise a powered-USB that way.  The breakout-gs and recent audiostix2/GPSstix are the easiest to modify.  The "thumbstix" actually already has the right connection in place, but the thumbstix of course has no power jack, so you'd need to use a tweener or something to actually bring power into the situation.  If doing any of these things, remember USB wants 5V supply, not 4V (though I've accidentally used a 4V supply a few times and many devices like thumbdrives work just fine).

As for 120pin daughtercards to replace/complement the 92-pin connex daughtercards, those will probably be a bit longer to reach the market.  We have a slew of them we want to launch, but are having temporary trouble sourcing the stupid mating connectors for the 120pin connector -- it's been a nightmare.  Anyway, there are some coming down the pipe eventually, but be aware for now that verdex means: USB host - yes, ethernet, wifi, MMC/SD, CF, etc - not yet.  Though of course you can hook up most of those things through USB albeit it slower than directly bus-connecting the stuff.  I have successfully wifi'd using a USB wifi dongle on a verdex <http://docwiki.gumstix.com/Image:Verdes_USB_Wifi.jpg>