Here is the support:

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Am 11.05.2010 06:19, schrieb Heathkid:
> Where is the support?  Where is an OS that actually works?

Here's the OS:

>    Why isn't the
> documentation up-to-date?  I've spent more than $1k on Overo COMs and
> expansion boards that are documented properly.  Really?  I have to dig
> through multiple TI datasheets to find out what it can do but kept in the
> dark about what is actually implemented and what it *can't* do?  GREAT
> product!  It's too bad the company doesn't support any software.
> This isn't a $20 microcontroller...
You are right - that's why you have to do something on your own, other
than copying from some forums =)
But you are right, the of the core module could be better, but I always
found everything i wanted.

> I expected more.  Lesson learned!
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