From what I understand, you want to create a virtual block device that you can use as a virtual NAND device, such as an SD card, correct?

If so, this discussion looks like it could be relevant to your needs:

Regards, Will

On Jun 19, 2013, at 4:15 AM, tuxnoel <> wrote:

I have an Overo Firestrom board with 512MB NAND (Micron NAND 512 MiB 1.8V
16-bit) and would like to do some software development work on NAND without
actually having the board. So i opted for QEMU for Overo board and am
following the instructions in this page
for it.

However i could not figure out how to emulate the nand device similar to
creation of the SD  card image given on same page

Is it possible to have 512MB NAND device under  emulation which is writable?

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