I hope this is the right list to post my question.

I'm trying to use bitbake to compile Mono for my Gumstix Overo, but run into problems with the mono-mcs-intermediate_2.4.2.3 recipe. My first problem is, that there seams to be an error in the do_stage() step:

It does:
    install -d ${STAGING_DATADIR}/mono-mcs
    cp ${WORKDIR}/mono-mcs-${PV}.tar.gz ${STAGING_DATADIR}/mono-mcs/

but I think it should be
    install -d ${STAGING_DATADIR_NATIVE}/mono-mcs
    cp ${WORKDIR}/mono-mcs-${PV}.tar.gz ${STAGING_DATADIR_NATIVE}/mono-mcs/

as it doesn't make sense to install the intermediate step in the target datadir. If I don't change this, the step fails trying to install to /usr/share/ on the build-host, which it doesn't have permissions to. Also the mono_2.4.2.2.bb recipe expects to find the .tar.gz-file in ${STAGING_DATADIR_NATIVE}.

The next problem is, that he .tar.gz file is empty making mono_2.4.2.2.bb fail. The image directory 'tmp/work/i686-linux/mono-mcs-intermediate-' is empty. I really can't figure out why that is. It does look like the do_install step in mono-mcs-intermediate.inc is never executed. In the log I get:

+ cd /home/builduser/overo-oe/tmp/work/i686-linux/mono-mcs-intermediate-
+ do_install
+ :

And that's it.
Trying manually to execute the install-step in the directory correctly copies the files to the image directory.

I hope someone can help me explain the error above.

Best Regrads,