I have gotten the initial version of my personal project for the gumstix up and running...  I've learned a lot, taken a bunch of notes... gotten a lot of help from this list...
I now have a question that I have inferred from things I've skimmed on this list.

I have scripts that either update files every minute of so.
these files are stored on a CF card I have plugged into my netstix.

It seems to me that I've seen people mention or an faq somewhere mention that you can only write to cf memory so many times before if goes bad... and that frequency is in the millions of writes.

which if that number is a million I hit that limit in at least 11 days... :)

Now doesn't the gumstix have 64M of regular old memory...
can I create an in memory filesystem and write my temporary files there and write to flash less frequently??

Is there a place I can read more about this??

If the CF fails how will I be able to tell... will the fat fs give errors? the whole card go belly up?? etc...
doesn't the root filesystem on the gumstix itself have a special filesystem that is suppose to mitigate the issues with it's flash??

Where do I start?


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