I built fping basically the way the gumstix wiki describes building 3rd party packages...

./configure --host=arm-linux --prefix=...

with fping 2.2b2 this resulted in make files that built the one fping.c into an fping binary.

with fping 2.4b2 this resulted in a makefile that would not run in my build environment since it wanted for some reason to use automake... so I just grabbed the actual gcc comands from the 2.2 build that were still in my xterm history and built it that way...

both versions resulted in a binary when scp'd to my netstix, that always returns "unreachable" no matter the ip I put in...

as root, in /mnt/cf (a CF card I have mounted on my netstix)
./fping (another machine on my local network... an unbuntu box)

fping returns unreachable...

if I then run ping from the netstix, it comes back no problem...

running tcpdump on the target machine (.104 the unbuntu box) I see ICMP request and reply packets for both programs fping and ping...

color me confused!

I haven't updated my build-root environment since I created it last thursday/friday.
does that help any??
I guess I'm somewhat reassured that some one was able to build it.

BTW, the netstix is vanilla other than mounting the CF card... the kernel is factory.

Morgan Jones

Jeff Stoner <leapfrog@freeshell.org> wrote:
On Sun, 8 Oct 2006, Morgan Jones wrote:

> All, I've recently purchased a netstix. Nice little computer...
> I've spent some time yesterday building various pieces of software to run on the gumstix with mixed success...
> The one piece that doesn't seem to behave though is fping (www.fping.com)
> I can compile it, and it runs, but it says that all sites are unreachable.
> If I use ping it get's to the machines just fine?!
> I've emailed the maintainer of fping, but was wondering if anyone had run into this before??
> I've watched each program using tcpdump and they both seem to be sending and receiving the same ICMP packets, just the fping seems to be misinterpreting it...

How did you build fping? I whipped up a buildroot makefile for it just
yesterday and it was working on my board just fine. I'm still running
tests so there may yet be bugs I've not encountered.


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