Hello all!
OK, per the suggestion of  a listmember, I'm converting to VMWare for my buildroot use...
I've successfully got Debian Sarge downloaded as installed.   On my coLinux install I needed a large area for my /home so I just went to a site and downloaded an empty filesystem, edited /etc/fstab and I was done...
Well, how to I make a new drive device for vmware?  (Let me clarify, what is the Proper Method of doing this?)
What I have done is duplicate the following files:
Renaming them as debian-home.vmdk and so on with the S00x files also.  I've also edited the first file to have the correct filenames for the s00x files in it.
This gets me working virtual drive, but it also has a 200mb swap partition on it.  The one time I tried fdisk on it and mkfs, VMware abbended and dumped me out.
Does anyone in the group have any pointers for me?  I think I want about 4-6gb for my /home mount.