I thought the PSP screen was 480x272? Also I looked for pinouts for the screen a few months ago (found a site that had replacement screens for cheap), but I could not find any.

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Hello all,

I have an interesting idea and am wondering if anyone out there would be willing to provide assistance or some general guideance.

My Goal:

I managed to pick up a few bricked psp for dirt cheap from a mod chipping friend of mine and as most of us know they have a beautiful screen on them (320x200x16) and that got me thinking that it would make an exelent lcd for my projects. Not to mention a few 1300mAhr batts can come in quite handy. The goal of my project is to have a small handheld device about the size of a small paperback novel with 802.11 wifi, gps, audio, and a cf slot as we stand i cant wait untill the wifi/cf board is announced because all my wants will be filled. The point of using a novle sized device is i am wanting to put two of these lovely lcd's and have the bottom as a touch screen for input and the top for the aplications and all that lovely guff.

Large goals yes, im quite experenced with linux and my roommate is a c++ programmer so the software side of things shouldnt be to much of a hastle but im an electrican full time and small electronics tend to get confusing especially when dealing with an lcd. Hopeing someone out there could help me figure out were to start to fool around with getting this steup running. I have a connex 400xm and greakout-gs as a basic starting point. I believe starting with a basic needs system and adding on as i go to be the best just to eliminate possible problems down the road.

The Point:

Short and sweet, i need info on ideas/methods of how to go about interfacing this psp lcd or suggestions of an alternative if what im thinking of turns out to be quite difficult!


       Trevor Johansen
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