Hi again Dave!
Yup that was it.  I found it on the wiki and got it working.  I had used the era all on the 200XM and knew what I did once I read your message...
Thanks for pointing me back to it again Dave!  Now if I can only figure out why it keeps locking up when using the USBNet connection...

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Hi Dan,

> I'm using era 1:2-31 to erase it.  Is that the correct command for a XM
> board?

Nope. 32 * 128K = 4096K = 4M

You would need to replace the 31 with 127, or better yet, use this
command instead:

protect on 1:0-1 && erase all

This will work on the XM and non-XM.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada