OK.  I've downloaded the buildroot file form the website (it is version 1078)
I've flashed the file to my new GS200XM without problem.  But when I try to put it on my 400mhz Gumstix, it is giving me boot errors I'm not seeing on the 200mhz board.
/usr/bin/dropbearkey  -  libutil.so.0 is not an ELF file.
could not open BOA.CONF for reading.
I'm getting the dropbearkey error several times.  The boa.conf error once.
The 200MHz board just generated the key on the first boot and was done with it.  Both boards have the appropriate u-boot (version 1066) for their CPU speed.
Does anyone have an idea why this is happening like this?  Could there be a problem with the flash on my 400MHz board?  Can I just send it the library file over USBNET?