I updated to buildroot 1081 and no difference.
I was able to find the NMap v3.93 at   http://download.insecure.org/nmap/dist/  so I was able to finish my build.
How much work is involved in updating the diff to the new version?  If someone can tell me HOW to do it, I would be willing...


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I’ve also had the exact same thing, but I don’t need nmap so I unselected it. I was using today’s (23/8/06) buildroot.


I have also noticed quite a lot of other things are broken in the buildroot tree which I have had to go in and fix. I can give a list of problems & fixes if this would be helpful to anyone?


The most important one springing to mind is the $(PCMCIA_DIR)/.modules.dep target in the pcmcia.mk package makefile: busybox’s depmod.pl takes EITHER the kernel image OR the symbol map, the pcmcia.mk specifies both on the command line and causes the script to abort. Very simple fix, just remove either the

“-k $(LINUX_DIR)/vmlinux \” line or the “-F $(LINUX_DIR)/System.map” line.


On the subject of pcmcia stuff, is there any plans to create a package for the new pcmcia utils? I keep getting warnings from the kernel that support for the old userspace tools will be removed very soon.






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I'm using a recent buildroot  (

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Hey Dan

On 8/22/06, Dan Brown <dan@lantzer.org> wrote:


Do I need to go looking for v3.93 somewhere?

I don't know about all this other stuff but assuming you find one you just need to place the compressed file in the dl Directory. That's the rout I would go for.

By the way what version of the build root are you using? If you are using an older version it could be tyring to get an older package (new NMAP came out and they don't keep the old ones), If that's the case using an updated version of the build root *should* fix this.
        -Jesse W.

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