I can't work on it for the moment, so maybe it would intrest somebody else here. I must admit that for a personal project I  had a closer look at mobile phones and wasn't really ok whit what I saw and found. So as a result of that I wrote the post, custom mobile phones.  I din't like the inability of the SO to allwo me what I wnated to do with the mobiel phone. So I statrted lookinfg for alternatives. One of the alternatives was to sue a normal mobile phone, but hit a different custom Os. Not linux.
But thinking about it, and then reading about a startrek like device, I thought about gumsticks, and found them a much better use. They already have an Os, add on parts, a small from factor, a know os, and people like You working on it trying to solve problems.  I have send this to one mobile phone maker in Honkong as well, but they will only receive this in a while.
The idea is to use a gumstick, together with a bluetooth module, one mmc card slot, or two if you want wifi and its not to big, a usb connector instead of the normal one. the advantage of that one is that it can be used to recharge the batteries, transfer data, even click an addon. That is new because few mobile phones already have a usb connector and its certainly not used to charge the batterys. This means that in the easiest case, the mobile phone would come with a usb cable that would plug into the usb sockets of the computer. Or otherwise a small adaptor. For people who want to build a do it yourself mobile phone it may be the easiest way. If people would want to use there mobile phone as a web camera that would be possible as well. And it would potientally even be possible to be used as a skype phone, or even have skype on it. All this is rather expensive compaired to normal mobile phones, but for those intrested in do it yourself mobile phones, it may be an easier way to do so. More possible because most of the software is opensource, therefore often more secure, and cheaper.
It would be a start, but nothing more then that. Its maybe an idea for an addon board, one with mobile phone or GPRS capability. Welld epdnidng on how much it would cost to do so, and the demand for it.
This concept would ony be concurence ofr the high end mobile phones, yet difference in price may be obtained by adding less hardware and software, and by making it upgradebale. Still I doubt it will make much of a wave in the entry level market. But anyone wanting to build his own, may just find that intresting.
If you can do something with this, I don't know, but then If one doesn't try, then you don't know. I can't work on it, because its to expensive for me. Maybe I will in the future.
Best Regards,
Floris Vermeir

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral."

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