Does anybody know if it would be posisble to use Linuxbios and possibly the uboot loader, or , just linuxbios on a gumstick ?
The idea is to use gumsticks for clustering applications. Because of there size and there cost, it would make them pretty good. How exactley the software part would be one, is what I'm looking into now. Just a concept I'm playing with. Linuxbios is an option, if it will become that depends on many things. Otherswise the linux system in it would get some extra software for it. The concept is to see how I this could go from let say 2 gumstick to 100 gumsticks,
My main intrest in gumsticks, is not the clustering, but to use it for what they ar build, ideal embedded applications. I've been thinkering with it, and I would be realy useful together with a robotix to be used  for a miniature radio telescope project. It can do a lot of things on a small space at a lower cost.
Well both are under research, the telescope already longer then the cluster.
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