The build exits with this:
gcc-3.4.2/BUGS: cannot Write: no space left on the device
gcc-3.4.2/NEWS: cannot Write: no space left on the device
Error exit delayed from previous errors
make: *** [/gumstix-buildroot/toolchain_build_arm_nofpu/gcc-3.4.2/.unpacked] Error 2
Any ideas...
How to increase the space for coLinux?
How do you login with ssh session? So that i can have a bigger screen buffer. Is it possible to redirect the output to some file and save it on the disk to monitor for errors?

Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Irman,

> Thx. I no longer get the out of disk space error. What I mostly get is
> "cannot open filename and directory" error when it starts to make the gcc or
> ulibc. I am using the revision version 550 from svn. Could you send me the
> text version of your make file (the top level make file) inside the
> gumstix-buildroot directory.

Mine is identical to the one in SVN. I'm not quite upto version 550.
The last time I grabbed things was arouund version 506.

Unless you're adding packages to tbe build there is NO reason to edit
the Makefile.

What's the exact error?

When using colinux, I highly recommend NOT building in the console
window. Login using an ssh session. That way you can have 10,000 lines
of output, and by enabling QuickEdit in the ssh window you can easily
copy and paste text.

The GCC_VERSION variable in the Makefile has to do with the version of
gcc used to build the cross compiler, and not the version of gcc
installed in colinux. You shouldn't need to change this variable (or
any of the other variable like this in the Makefile)

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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