Is someone knows if it is possible to configure a timer or an interrupt on an external GPIO.
The goal would be to make a pulse counter.

Dan Taylor <LogicalGenetics@gmail.com> wrote:

Myself and my colleague Richard Johnson have recently started work on
a project using gumstix. So far we've been very impressed with the
capabilities of the gumstix but have had a problem with the
near-vertical learning curve!

So far I have managed to...

* Log into the gumstix via a serial link and kermit (though it's worth
noting that the serial cable we were sent needed cross wiring)

* Install the version control system, fetch and build everything under

* Add ~/gumstix-buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/bin/ to my path and
compile the simple "hello world" program using arm_linux_gcc

* Flash the gumstix with the image file root_fs_arm

However, I have run up against a brick wall. I have no clue where to
place files in the gumstic buildroot file structure to have them added
to the image file and thence the gumstix. I don't know where to place
my code and where to have the compiled output installed and I'm
generally confused about what files do what in the buildroot.

Dan Taylor

Software Development Engineer, JTL Systems Ltd
PhD Student, Reading University, UK


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