In u-boot, cpu/pxa/mmc.c mmc_dev.type = PART_TYPE_UNKNOWN
is not correct.  I believe this should be DEV_TYPE_UNKNOWN. you
also need to add mmc_dev.part_type = PART_TYPE_DOS and also
add CONFIG_DOS_PARTITION define to the u-boot config file. This
will enable detection of the starting sector of the 1st partition on any
mmc card.  Progress on my S3C2410 SD/MMC driver is proceeding
better than I anticipated.  I intend of spending the next day on code
cleanup then I'll try to tackle the PXA.  If you want (once it is clean)
I'll send you the code I've got so far.


David Farrell <> wrote:
I got a partly working SD card driver with u-boot on a non-gum card.
u-boot needs more work with partition detection since it locks the
starting block at 32 which is fine for most mmc cards (though not all).
My SD cards starting (non-secure) partion is  97 so I can change the
32 to a 97 and compile for my SD, obviously auto detect is required.
When compiled for SD fatinfo fatls & fatload all work fine.  When auto
detect (using partion table on card) works, I'll port it to the PXA.
As far as linux is concered, if no SD driver exists I try to patch the
MMC driver to get past the SD initialization then the standard MMC
code will work. Craig, the linux driver stuff is where I may need some
assistance, kernel compiles are a little to slow for my linux coding
experience, iterations take too long...  u-boot is my speed for now.