Right now I'm working on a U-BOOT driver from scratch for a S3C2410
board.  The S3C2410 has hardware support for 4 bit SDIO, the drivers I
have seen have to much extra stuff to make for clean reading so I decided
to start my own.  The PXA255 driver I'll probably patch to at least support
SD memory detection.  I have been working at most 2hrs per day at this so
the PXA stuff is probably several weeks away.
As for help, you have alreay provided a nice toolchain and distribution I
can't thank you enough.

Craig Hughes <craig@hughes-family.org> wrote:
Cool! Let me know if you need any assistance. What kind of ETA do you
think you're looking at?


On Sep 3, 2004, at 7:49 PM, David Farrell wrote:

> I'm currently working on a SD driver for another processor, I plan
> to try to patch the gumstix stuff when I complete this.
> David.
> Craig R Hughes wrote:
> AS Jon points out, there are a handful of non-opensource linux SD
> implementatios, but I believe they're all storage-only drivers, not
> drivers. In other words, you can read/write SD storage cards, but
> they won't
> work with SDIO 802.11b and the like drivers. As I understand it from
> talking to
> someone at a high level who *has* read the SD spec, the SD part as you
> say is
> pretty straightfoward when you already have MMC. But the IO part is a
> lot
> trickier.

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