You may want to try forceon, at least until you know everything else is
working.  I had some trouble with the autoshutdown in some conditions
making junk of my data.  I didn't need the power savings.
Kim Hendrikse <> wrote:
> Kim, I use the 3233 on a board also. The guaranteed spec I think is 3.6V, the
> absolute maximum is 4V but I wouldn't operate there. What are you doing with
> forceon?

Shit! I didn't notice that low upper limit on it :( I'd better attach it to
the ldo then. Hmmm.. On my other board that doesn't work it is running on 3.3V.
But that board doesn't work and another I made does. However, I think this
board doesn't work because it has quite long ribbon cables running to it with
the 3.3V signals. The other board runs straight off the li-poly battery so I
assumed the higher voltage was good for it. But I see on the spec sheets now,
indeed, it's not supposed to. Perhaps I better remake my new board and run it
on 3.3V after all.

I've grounded force on.

The attached little circuit is working for me. But... you're right. I had better
run it from the 3.3V.

- Kim

> ATTACHMENT part 2 image/png