I tested the following for you.
I changed the bootcmd via
set bootcmd fatload mmc 0 a2000000 uimage\;bootm a2000000
This appears to me to boot the image on the mmc card.
This does erase the flash sector 1 to save the enviorment so I am not
sure if it is as safe as you think.  Of course you don't have to save the
enviorment but typing in the set bootcmd.. every time can be tedious.
The image copied to fat always seems to be lowercase filename.

Kim Hendrikse <> wrote:
I guess I'll need to read over all of the list entries as it's probably
mentioned before. But is it possible to boot a kernel that is placed
only on the MMC in place of or replacing the one in the MMC itself?
I haven't seen this mentioned before, just instructions for loading a new
kernel into flash. Unless I missed it.

I'm basically trying to avoid doing anything with flash at all in order
to minimize the risk of loosing a gumstix (I don't have a working
jtag cable yet).

Admittedly, I'm guilty of not having done much experimenting in this area yet
as I've been busy with hardware issues.

- Kim

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