This took me by surprise too.  I bought a Sandisk SD/MMC
card and it didn't work. I have a Digital Camcorder that came
with a MMC card and it works fine (outside of mmcinit twice).
Now I have a Sandisk MMC card and it works fine with one
mmcinit.  I guess we now know why gumstix sells MMC
cards.  All my cards have SPI mode, but the driver does not
use SPI mode and it looks like the CPU has some issues with
SPI mode.
David. wrote:

the spec clearly says: backward mmc compatible...
I will get a mmc card only.
Then I can say def. what's up.


>A SD/MMC is not a MMC card, it is a SD card. You need to get
>a MMC card. The PXA255 chip on the gumstix is not capable of
>supporting the high speed which requires 4 data bits. The drivers
>for arm linux are not readily available for MMC compatibiliy of SD.

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