I fdisk'd and formatted ext2 under fedora and had no problem
accessing the mmc card.  The gumstix kernel build does not
have ext2 set so the gumstix doesn't understand the format.
A ramdisk is no option for me. I need 100MB+ for datalogging.
The mount option in fstab as mentioned previously looks like it may
work for now.
/dev/mmcblk0    /mnt/mmc        vfat    defaults,uid=1001,gid=1001 0 0

Johann Klemmack <jklemmack@comcast.net> wrote:
It's my understanding that MMC/SDIO/CF storage cards only support vfat - but I sincerly hope I'm wrong.  The second option, and this segways perfectly into a request of mine, is to make a ram disk and mount it however you want. 
Now that us hobbists have communications through various means, I've grown to think it might be easier to copy a ramdisk file.  Of course, it all goes away when power is plugged and we only have 64Meg of RAM - and tha'ts the request.  Any chance of a variant with more memory?  Or is that just too expensive right now?
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It appears that only vfat is allowed on the gumstix for a mmc card.  I am trying to run
postgres which requires I set non root owner and group file permissions which cannot be done with fat.  Would gumstix consider enabling additional filesystems in the kernel?
Non fat renders the card useless with windows, but I plan on transporting the database to
Fedora anyway.
Given that the mmc card is the only storage available, I think we need a little more

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