Hi Drew, Thanks very much for your response. That gives me what I need to chase this down. I am still coming up to speed with where things are in Linux, and I was chasing down the wrong threads...

Very much appreciated,

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 2:37 AM, Drew <dr3w@dr3w.net> wrote:

Search the mailing list for how to configure the kernel, it shouldn't be too hard to enable in the frame buffer.  If the option isn't there in the kernel configuration util, manually add it and repack it back into the bit bake.


Unpack the bitbake image

Cd into the kernel dir and do make menuconfig

Search for and enable the desired options

Repack the bitbake image

Rebuild your image, hey presto.


It's all here on the mailing list, I was shown how to do the same thing when I requested to know how to change the boot splash screen.





Just keep searching, it is here!


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I suspect this is a question with an easy answer so hope someone can take a minute to repond. Can someone tell me or point me in the direction of where to find any documentation on changing font size? I am using a Verdex with the Samsung screen. I found a response on Nabble from Craig Hughes that refers to documentation for configuration of the virtual terminal under linux/Documentation/fb/fbcon.txt. Can anyone tell me where that might be?

TIA Borre van Doorninck

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