Hi Dave,

That is an easy fix, what about the BTuart driver problem, any comments?

Thank You


On 5/30/07, Dave Hylands < dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Hoan,

> Also, It seams like there is a missing GND connection on one of the MAX3232
> level shifter on console-vx board. I checked the board layout of the
> console-vx and I don't see a connection to GND. I also fluked (check for
> connection using a multimeter) and there was no connection to GND on that
> chip. It is the MAX3232 in the middle of the console-vx board.

Yeah - you're absolutely correct. Pin 15 of the MAX232 goes out to 3
caps and doesn't go anywhere else. In the schematic, it's connected to
a net called GND1 which is disconnected from GND.

There are 3 caps (C25, C53, C55) with a T-shaped trace between them.
You could run a small wire from C55 (on the C side) over to the middle
pin of the power jack.

Good catch.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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