I have a RoboVero/EarthSTORM COM setup and have been doing some development on it.


The problem that I am running in to is, the Overo will spontaneously reboot without any messages at all.


If I let the system sit, it will sit for hours without rebooting. But, as soon as I put any load on it at all, such as un-taring a large file, hitting the RoboVero hard, or even just running an "opkg update" command, the Overo will reboot. No panic messages, nothing.


I have made sure that the Gumstix is tightly coupled to the RoboVero.


I have downloaded and installed the 2012-01-22-1750 devlopment image and am running off of a PNY 16GB micro SD card.


Do you think I have a wonky board, or is it the build or SD card that I am running?